Cosmetic Dentistry

Teeth Whitening

We have found that the most successful teeth whitening techniques for removing stains from teeth involve a combination of laser whitening and teeth bleaching in our clinic and at home. Dental stains may be caused by genetic predisposition, tobacco use, or prolonged exposure to specific foods and drinks. Before recommending a treatment plan, we will also first discuss what has caused the staining on your teeth and how to keep your teeth sparkling white following treatment.

Laser whitening is a simple chair-side technique that uses a LED-activated gel. The treatment lasts just one hour and usually requires a top-up with a home whitening kit. Similarly, home whitening involves use of a clear gel applied to the teeth for several hours to lighten the teeth. It can be done in the dental chair using a special bleaching laser, or at home using a customized tray with a less concentrated bleaching gel. Whichever teeth whitening treatment is used, we recommend brushing your teeth regularly with a whitening toothpaste to maintain your beautiful white smile.


Cosmetic dentists use wafer-thin porcelain or ceramic veneers to cover the front surface of any tooth that needs an esthetic boost. Dr. Yoav Orbach uses veneers to correct crooked, chipped, uneven, protruding or discoloured teeth, improving the appearance of your teeth very quickly. This treatment is predictable and stable over a long period of time – as long as 20-30 years. We can even use veneers to make your teeth look straight in a quick and easy treatment that we call “Instant Orthodontics”.

The process of measuring and fitting the customized veneers is quite painless, and they are “cemented” to the front surface of your teeth. We usually recommend placing veneers on any prominent damaged teeth, and using whitening techniques to improve the appearance of the surrounding teeth, to give a clean, bright, eye-catching and symmetrical smile.


Bonding is a quick and easy way to fix up your smile. It involves applying a white filling material to a tooth to whiten or mask discolored teeth, repair cracks, chips or fractures, or make other cosmetic improvements. Bonding is a cost-effective cosmetic treatment suitable for people whose teeth are stained or spotted. This simple and painless treatment can usually be done in a single session, and it usually lasts 5-8 years or longer, although some people may require top-up treatments every few years.

Metal-Free Restorations

In his Jerusalem cosmetic dentistry clinic, Dr. Yoav Orbach uses metal-free restorations to fill gaps in the structure of a damaged tooth and restore its function and integrity. Our restorations are made to order by top Israeli dental technicians, working from our sophisticated 3-D scans and models. It is crucially important to ensure a perfect fit, so that bacteria cannot seep between the prosthetic and the tooth, causing decay. We use the most advanced materials such as IPS e.max and zirconia restorations, made from glass-ceramics that are exceptionally strong and life-like. Prosthetics, crowns and bridges made from this material are both versatile and fracture-resilient. Ceramic materials of this type are recognized as strengthening the structure of the tooth, as opposed to metal fillings which typically put stress on the natural dental material. So they look better and last longer!

Dental Inlays and Onlays

Ceramic inlays and onlays are metal-free fillings made from porcelain that are used in place of old-fashioned unattractive metal fillings to fill and conceal large areas of decay. These are a great alternative to fillings or crowns, because they are designed to fit the tooth perfectly, often when there is insufficient damage to require a crown and too much damage to be fixed by a filling.

Inlays and onlays are more durable than metal fillings and can help strengthen the tooth, where large metal fillings can sometimes weaken teeth. We have found that this option is wonderful for old metal fillings that have either broken down or damaged the tooth, or when you just want a more esthetically pleasing solution.

Like a filling, porcelain inlays or onlays can only be fitted once the decayed part of the tooth has been removed. An impression is taken so that a perfectly sized piece can be created to fill the gap, and a temporary filling may be fitted to protect the tooth. The restoration is then created in the laboratory and delivered to our clinic, where your metal-free filling will be fitted securely into your mouth. Dr. Yoav Orbach will advise you on the best restoration option to make your teeth look good as new.

Fix Your Smile in Jerusalem

Dr. Yoav Orbach is one of the leading esthetic dentists in Jerusalem, who frequently attends international dental seminars to learn about the latest cosmetic dentistry techniques and is mentored by world-renowned leaders in this field. Talk to us about the best options for restorative and cosmetic dentistry to suit your look and your lifestyle. Get the smile you always dreamed of by visiting Dr. Yoav Orbach’s Central Jerusalem Implant and Esthetic Dental Center! Click here to schedule a visit.

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