Teeth Whitening

teeth whitening

 Laser assisted teeth whitening in Dr. Yoav Orbach’s Jerusalem dental office.

We offer a high quality, safe and excellent treatment that combines laser bleaching with the highest quality whitening kit supervised by the dentist and approved by the Ministry of Health.


teeth whitening


Laser assisted teeth whitening

Do you want to remove stains from the teeth, to restore the brilliant white smile you had in the past, and think that this is an impossible task?
In todays market you are exposed to a multitude of accessories and treatments that all promise results and in effect are a waste of your money.

Laser assisted teeth whitening is one of the quickest and most effective treatments, ensuring great results in a short time.

To avoid all doubt, we at Dr. Yoav Orbach’s dental clinic in Jerusalem have treated thousands of patients and have long term experience in the field of dental esthetics and offer our clientele only treatments that have proven themselves throughout the years.


Teeth bleaching in Jerusalem using laser technology

Laser teeth bleaching is an innovative technique that uses LED lighting that transmits two different wavelengths to the teeth and also includes a unique bleaching agent with a high concentration of oxygen particles.


laser assisted teeth whitening


The laser intensifies the action of the whitening gel and together they synergistically lead to head-turning results of up to 9 shades whiter and all within only one hour.

The laser will be supplemented by a clear tray that is custom made to fit your teeth. You will use it for a few hours each day for several days. The combination of in office laser teeth whitening together with home bleaching trays leads to maximal results and a significant brightening of the teeth.

In order to obtain the maximum results, we recommend that you combine the above treatments with strict oral hygiene, which includes brushing teeth twice daily, with whitening toothpastes suitable for your condition. Moreover, it is best to avoid smoking, color intense foods such as red wine, black coffee & tea etc.…  during the whitening process.


Preparation for teeth whitening

In order to prepare you properly for the tooth whitening process, it is highly recommended to adhere to the following recommendations:

Before you perform laser bleaching, we recommend having a thorough dental examination. This is to ensure there are no problematic areas in your mouth i.e. cavities, gum disease etc. … that can be exacerbated by the bleaching process if not taken care of beforehand.

After you’ve done a thorough check and the dentist has cleared you for bleaching, your next step will be to go the hygienist for a teeth cleaning. Such a visit, up to a week before the bleaching appointment, will greatly improve the results of the procedure and leave you with healthier white teeth, due to the removal of plaque and tartar buildup from your teeth, allowing the bleaching material and the laser to reach more of the tooth surface.

As we have already mentioned, it is advisable to switch to toothpaste that prevents tooth sensitivity such as Colgate sensitive. These will help prevent temporary soreness that may occur after bleaching.

In addition, it is recommended that you stop having heavily dyed foods such as tomato paste, turmeric and beverages such as red wine, all within a week before treatment and until a few days after, in order to maximize tooth whitening.


Results of teeth whitening

A question that many patients ask us is how white will my teeth become?

This is an excellent question, and the answer is very individual and is dependent on the initial shade of your teeth, as well as how reactive your teeth will be to the bleaching agent.

The healthier your teeth are, the better the results will be. Of course, even if your teeth aren’t in top form, excellent solutions such as porcelain veneers, bonding and dental implants can be arranged, which will greatly improve the appearance of beautiful white teeth over time.

Our results have been dramatic whitening in which patients experienced an amazing change of up to 9 shades brighter, just in a single 1 hour session.


white teeth jerusalem


We are asked frequently if this procedure is harmful to the tooth. It is important to emphasize that professional tooth bleaching like the one we offer in our Jerusalem dental clinic does not damage the enamel of the nor does it remove a layer from the tooth, like in facial peeling exfoliation treatments that use abrasives. Our recommendation is not to use cheap “whitening” toothpastes because those do tend to be very abrasive and remove a healthy layer of enamel and may even roughen the surface of the tooth, leading to bacterial adhesion and discoloration. This is true even more so with regards to the latest trend of using “active charcoal” based whitening toothpastes.

Results of professional laser assisted teeth whitening in our office can be maintained for a relatively long period of up to 7 years and even longer. All of this depends, of course, on your genetics and habits such as smoking, drinking coffee, wine, etc.

If you just want to top off the brightness of your teeth, you can do achieve this with the quick and simple home bleaching kit we offer. We invite you to give your teeth the desired whiteness and shine.


Important things to know about teeth whitening

White teeth are the product of good oral hygiene, good genetics and, of course, healthy eating habits (food and drinks). Before you undergo a tooth whitening treatment, it is advisable to clarify with your dentist the causes that led to your teeth being stained and only after you have understood them to proceed with the whitening treatment.

Understanding the causes of yellow teeth will help prevent future reoccurrence of stains on the teeth and will prolong the impressive results.

As part of our service at Dr. Yoav Orbach’s dental clinic in Jerusalem, we help our patients understand the reasons for their current situation and find the ideal solution for them, a solution that will lead to bright white teeth for life.

There are different ways to whiten teeth and, as we have noted, it is possible to do so by bleaching the natural tooth, or by using more permanent treatments such as veneers, bonding and dental implants when indicated.


Teeth whitening in Jerusalem at the clinic of Dr. Yoav Orbach

Teeth whitening in Jerusalem Yoav Orbach uses an innovative laser machine for bleaching.

Laser teeth whitening is more focused and leads to more impressive results than any existing alternative.

In addition, we see esthetic dentistry as a supreme value and offer a wide range of advanced aesthetic solutions for every desire and dream, without compromising functionality, function or comfort.


הלבנת שיניים בירושלים


We invite you to contact us, find out about the various dental treatments we offer and perform laser whitening with the experts in the field. We will help find the most suitable solution for you. And undergo a smile makeover with the experts in the field.

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