Unfortunately, we are seeing more and more patients coming in for reassessment after investing “cheaper” full mouth implant solutions elsewhere, only to be disillusioned 2-3 years later, and need extensive and expensive repair surgeries. Therefore, I would like to take the time and explain the true cost of dental implants.


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Dental Implant Cost in Israel


Dental implant patients often perceive the treatments as costly, however the ROI-  return on investment can be lifelong. People rarely challenge the expense of a cars for transportation that perform perfectly only short term and as we are familiar here in Israel gets “traded-in” every three years.  While dental implant cost is a concern for anyone who is considering this treatment option, dental implant therapy is a long term investment in yourself that enhances the quality of your life and provides peace of mind for ages, together with functional, attractive and a shiny smile.

The initial investment of a high-quality implant that is correctly placed with an esthetic durable crown that will most likely last you a lifetime, is well worthwhile and easily justified.

A high quality implant from a reputable international implant company that has both FDA and CE approvals, and adheres to strict sterility and cleanliness protocols, together with the combination of a highly skilled, up to date master clinician and a master level dental technician are the true added value to the implant treatment.

Implant treatment protocols aren’t like simple crown protocols and are far more complex and intricate than denture protocols. Titanium processing, cleaning, surface treatments that speedy up healing time sterilization and relentless QA are only a small part of the equation, but definitely add to the cost of the implant.

The surgical aspect of treatment done properly by a skilled implantologist requires three-dimensional surgical planning with dedicated programs. The surgical “arena” is prepared and treated like an operating room in the hospital, to ensure that the implant integrates correctly in the mouth and can function for years to come in the demanding environment of the mouth. The planning stage for the procedure can easily take upwards of an hour for the doctor. I proudly can tell my patients that I have virtually performed their surgery several times before while planning it.


We all want our teeth to look beautifully natural, and it would pain us if after all the time, money and effort put ion the result would be any less.

To achieve a high quality esthetic crown, high-tech 3D printing, scanning and milling machines are used. This is followed by the hard work of a Master Dental Technician. With his/her attention to detail will finish the crown layer after layer, adding the finishing touches to your unique sparkling smile.


dental implants cost


Dr Yoav Orbach’s dental clinic in Jerusalem is fundamentally opposed to the use of cheap materials that don’t meet the international implantology gold standards. Whether this be regenerative materials (bone substitutes, membranes etc..), Implants or ceramics, just to lower the cost of the procedure. In the long run the cost difference is dwarfed by the potential complications that can occur due to the use of lower quality materials.  We are committed to:

  • Quality
  • Service
  • Esthetics
  • Convenience
  • Durability


At Dr. Orbach’s Jerusalem Clinic, we have been able to provide comprehensive dental implant treatment to patients of every income level. Our dedicated treatment coordinator has experience in arranging funding for even the most extensive and sophisticated treatment. We offer 2 different 3rd party financing options, and have the ability to offer interest free credit card payments. in many cases, a dental treatment can be broken into several phases, accomplishing the high priority needs first. It is not unusual to design a plan that is delivered and paid for over a period of several months to years.

It is our true belief that although our patients may pay a slightly higher upfront cost for the excellent treatment they receive, but it is substantially “cheaper” in the long run.

Contact us to learn more about treatment options and dental implant cost at Dr. Yoav Orbach’s Dental clinic in Jerusalem

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