New Jerusalem Dental Clinic Opens

Dr. Yoav Orbach recently graduated from the International Mastership Program in Oral Implantology at the Loma Linda University in California with high honors. He has now opened his own Jerusalem dental clinic, providing general dental treatments and focusing on Dental Implants & Esthetic Dentistry.

Jerusalem Dental Clinic

You can now find Dr. Yoav Orbach and his team in their new Jerusalem clinic on the 4th floor of Beit HaNatziv at 101 Derech Hevron. This new clinic is equipped with the most advanced equipment and they are now accepting new patients.

Dr. Yoav Orbach provides the following advanced dental treatments:
• General Dental Treatments & Surgery
Dental Implants & Same Day Implants
• Laser Teeth Whitening Treatments
• Invisible Orthodontics
• Bone & Gum Grafting
• Metal-Free Crowns
• Oral Hygiene Services & Deep Cleaning
• Smile Makeovers & Oral Rehabilitation
• Complimentary Routine Oral Cancer Screenings

Please make an appointment to visit us in our new clinic for a pain-free and smile-transforming experience, you won’t regret it! We look forward to welcoming you to our new clinic. Call us on 052-604-3299 to book an appointment or click here to schedule an appointment.

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