Why Go to a Dentist for Facial Treatments?

You might assume that facial treatments like dermal filler treatments are best provided by a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist, because they were the first healthcare providers to integrate these therapies into their practice. However, today’s dentists are highly trained in providing oral and maxillofacial treatments – fixing your teeth can often involve contact with your gums, lips, jaws and neck – as well as providing an esthetic injections.


Dentists deliver face lift injections and dermal fillers


Dentists are more qualified than most other healthcare professionals to deliver face lift injections and dermal fillers, as they are highly trained in complicated and invasive oral and facial treatments. Dentists have a deep understanding and appreciation for the anatomy of the head and neck regions because they spend all their time working with faces and mouths.

We are invested in providing the best treatments to enhance your health and your appearance, including both cosmetic dentistry and facial esthetics.

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